The Perlprint Project

A set of object oriented perl routines for platform independant printer usage.

Planned Features
Use the open office API to print more complex documents on windows (MS Word, Excel type data)


March 23 2005 : Version 0.99 available for testing. Aug 17 2004 : Version 0.98 released, available below and from CPAN

May 28th 2004 : I've got 0.98 together with all the planned features coded, it just needs some testing before I release it (oh, and the docs need redoing too ).

I've rewritten the Win32 printing code so that the basic ASCII text printing routine uses Edgars Binan's Win32::Printer module and added OLE printing subs (accessible through print_command) to print via IE, Word and Excel.

February 16 2004 : I'm still here :) I've added some OLE functionality to the windows code for the next release, this adds support for printing through MS Word, Excel and Internet Explorer. I'm currently working on some xs code to add list_jobs functionality to the windows release, so there are some good things coming up.
October 11 2002: Version 0.97 released. I've changed the windows printing so it should work better with windows 2000/XP.
December 6 2001: Version 0.95 is now available. I've added a routine to allow users to select a specific print command to use. This is intended primarily to allow windows users to print Postscript easily by using Ghostscript.


To allow a program to use printers on (eventually) any platform without needing to pay attemtion to which platform the code is being executed on. So that a program may conceivably print on linux and then on windows without needing to be changed.

What this module can do


This module is installable from CPAN, the Comprehensive Perl Archive Network
($ perl -MCPAN -e 'install Printer') and in ppm format for windows users from this site

ppm set repository perlprint
ppm install Printer

Or with ActivePerl 5.8, rep add perlprint


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